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Torie-Mekhi Fashion Couture and Interiors is an independently owned design company in Lithonia Georgia. The company’s core value is the production of her eccentric – sometime whimsical style combined with quality, customized Wedding, Prom, ready to wear, uniforms, Costumes, (Dragon Con) Men’s, Women's, Children’s apparel, Drapery, Backdrop and much more…


Marilyn Williams is a Jamaican born Fashion Designer; who’s creative sewing skills became a part of her everyday life from the early age of eight.

Marilyn is from a host of professional Tailors within her family, after completing Secondary school, she worked at several Bridal and Tailor shops in Jamaica before migrating to Florida in the early 90’s.

After graduating from the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale Florida, in 2003 Torie-Mekhi was launched. With continuing education from American Continental University in Atlanta Georgia she was able to focus more on getting awareness to her brand.

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Fashion Couture

If you want fabulous, professional dress that makes you look your best –Torie-Mekhi Fashion Couture is right for you. We provide personalized custom designing and constructions (sew) that bring your idea of that perfect outfit together.

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